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Messy Mutts best sellers for a reason.  These are the dog bowls, elevated dog feeders, lick mats, travel water bottles are are talking about.   We look to satisfy a need by engaging your pets and making you the pet owner satisfies with the best dog products possible that fit into your everyday life and decor.  Check us out!
Snuffle mat with Corgi dog foraging and using lick mat

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The best elevated dog feeder!  Faux wood legs on this adjustable feeder adds to the look of any house.  10 inch version shown.
raised dog feeder at 10 inch height with faux wood legs. On top of the large watermelon mat being watched by a sheppard mix.

Elevated Double Dog Feeder with Stainless Bowls, Adjustable Height 3" to 10", Faux Wood Legs

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Available in Light Grey;Light Grey
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