Enrichment Starter Pack

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Perfect for starting your pup on the interactive feeding path!

Pets need engagement and love to interact at feeding and play time.  This starter set get both you and your furry friend off on the right foot.  Enjoy!

  • Two back silicone bone shape molds for baking or freezing your favourite treats. 1oz. capacity per bone. 
  • Framed Series Popsicle mold.  Makes 6 perfect 3 oz. popsicles and the framed outside reduce the chance of spilling!
  • Framed Series Multi Surface Mat. 3 distinct surfaces - dual-ridged puzzle, bowl and lick areas - are designed to challenge and inspire your pet's natural instincts, keep them focused and engaged when eating.
  • Silicone lick mat with spatula.  Spread those favourite delights and engage your pup and slow their intake.  
  • Puzzle N" Play Mushroom designed for interactive play and feeding.  Helps prolong feeding and play time. 

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