Slow it Down Bundle

Slow it Down Bundle

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Stimulate your mutt (or cat)...while slowing their intake.

Simple flower design creates multiple barriers around food encouraging them to 'hunt' for each bite.  Slow down bowls can help improve digestion and reduce bloating.

A great interactive dog or cat slow feeder will help  your furry friend slow down a little.  Don't we all need that sometimes?!


  • 2 cup slow feeder. Dimensions 8"x 1" high.  Dishwasher safe.
  • Framed Series Lick Bowl Mat.  Reduce spills and slows your dogs intake!
  • Puzzle N' Play Interactive mushroom toy for feeding and play time. 
  • Universal slow feeder insert.  Fits most bowls that are 5" to 7.5" in diameter.
  • Silicone non slip food mat.  Helps keep your bowls in place for those dogs that like nosing their bowls arond.