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We know cats can be extra messy as well.  Our extra large cat litter scoop makes picking up poop a little easier. The oversized scoop is great getting that large cat poop out of the litter box!  If you are looking for a great cat litter mat, look no further.  Designed with soft silicone to attract the dust while being soft on your cats feet.
kitten with a litter scoop and litter box

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Watermelon (red) cat litter mat.  fits in front of most cat litter boxes.
Purple Cat litter mat.  Easy to clean dishwasher safe.

Silicone Cat Litter Mat- Size 18" x 14"

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Available in Watermelon;WatermelonPurple;PurpleGrey
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Extra large litter scoop with soft touch handle
Cat food scoop for that large mess. Easy to use scoop.

Extra Large Cat Litter Scoop

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