Totally Catty

Cat bowls with a purpose.  Removable low profile stainless steel bowls reduce your cats whisker irritation and fatigue.  We try to reduce the the chance of whiskers touching the bowl making for a happier cat.   All cat feeders have removable bowls from their bases and are dishwasher safe.
Totally Catty

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Purple double cat diner with removable stainless steel bowls.
Purple double cat feeder.  Wide saucer bowls to reduce whisker fatigue.

Totally Catty Double Cat Feeder, Medium, 1.75 Cups Per Bowl

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Light grey cat feeder with removable stainless steel bowl.  Dishwasher safe.
Light grey cat diner.  Suacer shape bowls to reduce whisker irritation and fatigue.  Non slip design.

Totally Catty Single Cat Diner, Medium, 1.75 Cup Bowl

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