No spill travel dog water bowl.
german sheppard in the back of a car drinking form a grey spill resistant silicone bowl.
Husky drinking from a car window from a blue spill resistant silicone dog bowl.
Spill resistant dog bowl with kibble in it for a dog out camping!
Red (watermelon) silicone travel dog water bottle.  curled top to  stop the spills.
Easy to clean spill resistant travel dog bowl.  Perfect for water on the go.
Dark grey no spill dog bowl.
5.25 cup capacity no spill travel dog bowl.
Blue No spill travel dog bowl.  Easy to clean silicone.
Dog food or water on the go is easy with the no spill travel dog bowl.

Silicone Non-Spill Travel Dog Bowl

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Color: Cool Grey
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Hydrate or feed your messy mutt. Anywhere. Anytime.

A convenient must-have for every dog owner. This flexible no-splash bowl is a perfect addition for the car, travel kit, or anytime you’re on the move.  Just fill it with your mutts favorites and watch them dig in-without all the spillage.


  • The curved lip helps contain the drips and splashes and also helps keep your dogs beard out of the bowl.
  • The integrated notch in the bowl's rim is designed to make the bowl easier to drain and clean.
  • The bowl capacity is 42 oz / 5.25 cups and is 8" in diameter by 2" high.
  • The bowl is made from high quality food grade safe silicone, is BPA and PVC free and odor and stain resistant. 
  • Dishwasher safe and will not discolor over time. 
Available in: watermelon, blue, grey