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How to Keep Your Pet Hydrated on Long Walks or Hikes

How to Keep Your Pet Hydrated on Long Walks or Hikes

You know the eternally satisfying feeling of quenching your thirst on a hot summer day when you’re panting from the heat? Imagine wearing a coat of fur on top of that and you’ll understand the importance of pet hydration! Your messy mutts can also get parched, so it’s really important to keep hydrating your dog throughout the day, during physical activities and in special arid conditions. Let’s see how!

The Importance of Pet Hydration

Did you know that the quantity of water needed for your dog to function properly varies from one half to one full ounce per pound of its weight, sometimes more, depending on how much it moves around, if it’s growing or in gestation, or eating dry rather than wet foods?

There are even more risks of dehydration when the temperatures go up! Make sure your dog gets all the H20 it needs during your various adventures, whether it be a long walk, a hike or playing at the dog park!

As for humans, pet organisms like cats and dogs use water to absorb everything they need from their nutritional process. This means that the nutrients in their food wouldn’t get into their cells if it wasn’t for the priceless water! Hydration has many functions for an animal besides digestion; it helps their tired joints, keeps them aware, controls their body temperature to prevent overheating and acts as an essential element for their brain.

This means that without the proper amount of water, your dog might feel ill, lightheaded or might even begin to act strangely. Remain aware of what’s happening and spot the following signs of pet dehydration.

Spotting the Signs of Dehydration

But how can you tell if your pet is dehydrated? Sure, you never really know how many liquids your animal has taken in, as there may be multiple sources, but when you’re outside the house, it’s important to pay extra attention to its intake.

Pet hydration constitutes a common occurring factor on hot days, so here are the dehydration signs in dogs to watch out for. Hydration awareness will improve their health and well-being!

  • Is your pooch slow or seeming tired, or showing a loss of energy?
  • Has it been displaying sunken or unusually dry eyes?
  • Does it pant more than usual, maybe at a level you’d call unusual?
  • Has it not been eating normally?
  • Does your furry friend urinate less?
  • Has the poor baby been vomiting or experiencing diarrhea?
  • Touch their nose and gums, do they feel dry and sticky?
  • Reach for their shoulder blade and tug at some of their skin. Does it rapidly go back into place or does it take time to recover its shape? Loss of elasticity is common in pet dehydration.

You’d think dehydration in canines happens only from high cardio activities or on warm days, but a multitude of factors play a role in hydration for dogs. Have they eaten enough? Is a health condition preventing their hydration, like heavy breathing, excessive bathroom stops, etc.? It’s not always directly related to water intake or the cause of heat stress or a heat stroke, even though hot sunny days are the main causes of dehydration in your messy mutt.

How Messy Mutts Can Help Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Planning a trip with your pet or simply out of the house for a longer period of time? Make sure your baby gets enough water with our various travel accessories.

Our double wall insulated stainless steel travel water bottle is super practical, as it has its own flip up bowl for your hound to drink from on the go. The insulation will make sure that the water stays cool and refreshing and the stainless steel will help prevent bacteria.

The microfiber dog mini towel can be useful on a particularly warm day far from a lake or a pool for your pet to relax in. Wet the towel in a sink or under a spout and law it over your dog. It may not have the same effect as a good plunge in a water basin, but it sure will help!

If you’re on the go and need a container to be able to give your animal a drink, our silicone non-spill travel dog bowl is easy to leave in the car or a pocket of your suitcase! This way, you’ll always be ready to keep your mutt hydrated, even if the location you’re in doesn’t have a bowl to drink from. Our collapsible version or plastic dispenser portable pet water bowl can be stored on a backpack or a purse thanks to their practical carabiners.

Samoyed drinking water from collapsible water bowl

Extra Tips for Dog Hydration

With these tips on what to look out for in regard to pet hydration and Messy Mutts tools for your next adventure, you’re all set, but we wanted to leave you with some extra ways to hydrate your dog or at least prevent overheating:

  • When taking a break on your long walk or hike, try to find some shade for you and your beloved pup.
  • If possible, find a pool, a lake or a water basin for a quick bath. This will bring down your dog’s body temperature.
  • Never leave your dog in a car; suffocation is very rapid in hot conditions.
  • Consider replacing kibble with wet foods if your animal has a hard time hydrating.
  • You can’t prevent the temperature from rising, but you can decide on the right time of day to go out for a walk. Favour mornings and evenings when the mercury rises!
  • If it’s scalding out, try to go for a walk in the park, on grass or earth paths instead of on asphalt, as it can burn your baby’s paws.
  • Place bowls or water in unexpected places at home; their curiosity might just get them drinking more, which is always a win!
  • Get creative! Why not try pet lollies and popsicles to see if your mutt likes them to lick?
  • If your dog doesn’t take to drinking very well, add in some low-salt broth or a flavour it likes.