Forage or snuffle mats promote slower feeding as they encourage dogs and pets to hunt for their food.  Multiple barriers create a puzzle for your pet.
Cute corgi licking of the integrated silicone lick mat eyeing up treats in the forage portion of the mat.
Brown and white dog hunting for food in the snuffle mat.  Blue orange and green colours fit into your home decor.  Lick mat is dishwasher and freezer safe and the polyester snuffle mat is machine washable in cold water.
A fully loaded snuffle and lick mat combination.  Removable lick mat can be used separately.
Six silicone suction cups help keep the forage mat in place when in use.  Easy to use and machine washable.
Machine washable snuffle/forage mat with removeable silicone lick mat.  Lick mat is dishwasher and freezer safe.
Durable hiding spots withing the snuffle mat.  Makes finding treats difficult for your dog.
dog treats hiding in special pockets to egange your dog at feeding time and bring out the natural hunting instincts.
Dog trerats and food hiding in the polyster pockets on the messy mutts durable snuffle mat.
Removable lick mat that integrates to the forage mat or can be used on its own.  Three suction cups to keep it in place once in use.
New large forage mat in hanging packaging.
Multi barrier snuffle mat with integrated lick mat.

Messy Mutts Square Forage/Snuffle Mat plus Lick Mat, 16" x 16"

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Engage your mutt...stimulate their instincts

Encourage your mutt's natural foraging skills with this interactive puzzle. Make mealtime or treat time fun, while keeping your pet occupied!


  • The intricate layered design creates a perfect place to scatter and hide your pet's favourite treats or kibble. The 16" x 16" mat has 6 integrated suction cups help secure the mat to the floor.
  • Multiple fabric barriers and compartments make finding food a challenge, engaging their minds and natural instinct to sniff and forage, while slowing their intake.
  • Spread your mutt's favorite snack over the integrated and removable silicone lick mat with suction cups. Challenge your pet further by freezing their favourite spread. The groove design traps food, encouraging the therapeutic benefit of licking.
  • The removable lick mat (also sold separately) has 3 suction cups allowing you to secure it easily to the floor, wall or tub independently! Made from high quality food grade safe silicone, it is BPA and PVC free, odor and stain resistant. Keeps shape and color over time.

Dimensions: 16" x 16"

Care:  Machine wash fabric in cold water. Dryer safe. Hang dry recommended. Silicone lick mat is dishwasher and freezer safe.