Silicone and stainless steel cat bowls.  Grey , purple and watermelon colours available.
Purple low  and wide cat bowl in silicone base.
Cat food bowl that contains the spills. Raised edges to reduce the mess.
Removable stainless steel cat bowl in a non slip silicone base.  Non slip cat bowl!
Sucer shaped cat feeder to reduce whisker irritation and  fatigue.  Dishwasher safe.
The best cat feeder to contain spills and mess.
Grey non slip cat food feeder.  Dishwasher safe base and stainless steel food bowls.
Grey silicone non slip cat bowl.  Dishwasher safe.
Every cat lover will please their feline with this whisker friendly design.
Watermelon (red) cat feeder. 1.75 cup saucer shape.
Removable stainless steel cat bowl and non slip base. Dishwasher safe.
Red (watermelon) non slip cat food bowl.
Red cat food bowl.  Designed to reduce whisker fatigue and irritation.

Single Silicone Cat Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowl

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Color: Watermelon
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Feed your cat. Not your floor.

The non-slip silicone base prevents damage to your floors and holds the stainless steel bowl in place for your cat. Contain any further messes with the wide lip and raised edge border.

  • The silicone base provides grip to keep the bowl in place as well as a raised edge to help contain the spills. Also available in a double bowl version.
  • Compatible with Messy Cats stainless bowls and airtight silicone lids. Additional bowls and lids sold separately, ideal for advanced food prep, travel and preservation.
  • Includes one non-toxic, high quality saucer shaped stainless bowl with low sides to reduce whisker fatigue or irritation.
  • Bowl holder is made from food-grade safe silicone; BPA, PVC free. Dishwasher safe.
  • The 14oz / 1.75 Cup capacity bowl is 6" d x 1" h; the entire system is approximately 10.2 x 10.2 x 1.8"
Care: Remove stainless steel bowl from silicone base and hand wash with warm water and mild soap or place in dishwasher. Hand wash recommended. Do not microwave.

Available in: watermelon, grey, purple, marble