How to Travel with a Dog in the Car?

How to Travel with a Dog in the Car?

What accessories should you bring along? How will your pooch react to the transportation? Is the drive too long? What about keeping the car clean? Road-tripping with a dog can be stressful if you’re asking yourself all kinds of questions. Let’s go over the logistics of how to travel with a dog in the car in a safe manner, but also to make sure everything goes well and you have a great time with your best bud!


Guide to Traveling with Your Dog

Basically, dogs just want to spend quality time with their owners. They are happy to be wherever you are, which means they most likely won’t mind the trip as long as you’re with them.

Ideally, start moving your animal around in the car as soon as it’s part of the family when it’s a pup. The faster your puppy get used to this environment, the better things will continue from then on.

If it’s your first time, take smaller, shorter to test your dog’s capacities. Is it a smooth ride, or is anxiety an issue? Is your dog car sick or relaxing like it’s what he was made for? 

Before you leave, get your pet familiar with the carrier or restraint you’re going to use so it doesn’t come as a total shock on the day of the trip. Make it part of its routine in a way, whether when you’re petting or feeding your Messy Mutt!

An extra tip? Prepare meals ahead of time so everything is portioned and ready to go when stopping at a park or in a parking lot. Ensure the hotels you have booked are dog friendly as well!


Health and Safety of Car Travel with a Dog

Traveling by car, especially on long rides, can be stressful for your dog. Here are a few tips to minimize anxiety while maximizing health and safety!


  • For a first trip or an especially long one, take your pet to the vet for a health check to make sure that it can sustain the drive.
  • Just like you would for yourself, bring along all documents, vaccination certificates, tags, and medication for your baby.
  • Ensure you have thought out a safe transportation method for your animal. You can’t just leave your dog roam free in the vehicle, as it’s a safety hazard for your driving, but also very dangerous in case of an accident. Bigger dogs generally appreciate doggy seat belts, while smaller ones will prefer a crate or a cage to be secured to the seat or placed in the back of the car. Make sure a blanket, a mat or a cover is present for extra comfort!
  • Don’t feed your dog much before you go. An empty stomach actually means less nausea and vomiting. Water, however, is recommended! Bring some food in our practical containers, but give small doses.
  • Don’t open the windows in the back too wide, as gravel or insects could hurt animals if they were to stick their head out. Activate your child lock on windows so they can’t accidentally turn up/down windows with their paws.
  • Never leave your dog alone in the car if you can help it. If you really must, air circulation is critical!
  • Before opening the door, attach your dog’s leash so that it can’t run out wildly from excitement and put itself in danger in a busy place.


Comfortable Conditions for Your Pet

Have you ever noticed how some dogs hate water they aren’t used to? If they are used to a well and get city water that tastes like chlorine, they might not want to drink it. The best way to make sure your animal can drink during the drive is to bring water that tastes like home. To do so, use our insulated dog travel water bottle with a practical flip-up bowl that makes it easy to drink from anywhere, our silicone non-spill travel bowl or our collapsible silicone dog bowl!


Don’t forget your waste bag holder for bathroom breaks along the way. Bring along enough refill rolls too! Stopping to get some exercise in will always help relax your pet too!


It’s all about making travel with a dog in the car comfortable for your baby! You might want to pack some favorite toys; this is how to calm a dog and a great way to occupy it during the trip. Think of the ball and stick set, a chew stick treat holder, or a stuffable dog toy!


How to Clean Your Car After a Journey?

Traveling with a dog in the car also means you’ll most likely need to clean up the vehicle after the trip! Protecting your surfaces is the first step to staying as clean as possible, with either crate mats or blankets. Think about seat protectors if you think your dog might slip up and pee or poo in the car.


Microfibre towels are always great to have around to clean up spills or mud! With a chenille dog grooming mitt, you’ll be able to clean your animal’s paws before letting it back in the car!


Lint rollers are a pet owner’s best friend, as they will take all the pet hair off your clothes, but always off your car seats! Sometimes pets leave a certain odor in cars, which can be easily removed thanks to our odor eliminator spray!


A multitude of other travel accessories and products is available on our website for the next time you need to transport your dog. Make sure your next trip with your pooch goes according to plan by following these tips to travel with a dog in the car.


Safe travels!