Light grey elevated feeder on a blue mat being filled.  Grows with your dog!

What are the Best Dog Bowls for Puppies?

Most dog lovers are constantly on the hunt for the best accessories, toys and essentials for their animals just like we are, especially when they adopt a new puppy! But there are so many on the market, which makes it hard to choose from. The task of selecting the best dog bowls for puppies can seem simple, but it may be easily overwhelming because of the different types, sizes, materials, shapes. Let’s review what you need to know and what to look for when picking that perfect dog bowl that will remain with you and your dog for a long time!


Why Are Puppy Bowls Important?

It’s no secret, eating is a repetitive process, the next meal always being only a few hours away. Having to take care of such a frequent task necessarily comes with a need for routine and regularity for that new pooch in your life. 

Puppies need to learn where the clear place to eat has been defined for them, so they can start assimilating what’s expected of them and when. A dog bowl, whether it be a simple stainless steel bowl in a corner or a fancy raised model, does exactly that. It sets the way for many meals to come!

Also, you may be inclined to feed your pup in different places or even on your lap while it’s small, playing games and making it lose some of that hyped up energy through chew toys, interactive feeders or licking mats. Keep in mind that not every meal should be a game; your animal is entitled to a relaxing meal and down time during this important part of its growth.


What to Look for When Choosing a Bowl?

In most cases, dog feeding bowls are going to stick around for years and years without you having to change them. It’s therefore important to take the time to reflect before purchasing the perfect dog bowl for your new baby.

Whether you’ll want it to match your interior or you’re looking for a temporary bowl while your dog gets bigger, here are the features that influence bowl selection with their pros and cons.


  • Size of the Puppy

Well, this may seem obvious, but the first thing to consider is the size of your puppy now, but also its growth speed. Will it change rapidly? If so, are you looking for a temporary bowl or a permanent one?

Consider as well how much your dog will eat. Big dogs need big food and the bowl will stay with them, so plan accordingly for when they grow!


  • Bowl Material

Experts agree, most materials are OK for your dog bowls, except low quality plastic that can have negative ramifications on your puppy’s health. The most common materials are stainless steel, ceramic, and plastic. Make sure in all cases that the bowl is lead-free.

Metal bowls are unbreakable, which makes them durable. They are also easily rinseable, but they are most definitely louder, especially for messy eaters.

Ceramic bowls tend to be more stylish, but they can be cracked. Plastic, on the other hand, is very light, so it may slide all over while your baby eats. If you do choose a plastic bowl, make sure it is free of BPA.

Don’t consider only the price. As previously mentioned, a dog bowl has a long lifespan, so it’s something worth investing in!

Whichever material you prefer, keep style in mind on top of quality and durability. Another crucial element is if it’s dishwasher-safe, as you need to wash your dog’s bowl anywhere from a few times per day for raw food to every few days.  


  • Bowl Height and Shape

Flat faced dogs will prefer wide and shallow bowls, but long-eared dogs like Spaniels, Setters or Hounds will need narrower bowls to keep their ears out of their food.

Raised feeders help your animal’s digestive system by making food simpler to swallow, but they are very practical too, keeping your floor cleaner by being at the correct height to mitigate messes. They are, however, more expensive.


What Types of Bowls Does Messy Mutts Provide?

What are the best bowls for puppies? We’ve determined that it’s a combination of their personality traits and your needs! At Messy Mutts, we have multiple types of bowls that will answer to your every need!

- Single Feeders

Single feeders have a unique bowl, whether it consists of a simple stainless steel bowl or a dog feeder with a marbled silicone base or a removable silicone base to reduce spills.


- Double Feeders

Double feeders are super practical, as they enable you to keep water and food in the same spot. We have double silicone dog feeders with a marble design or even with copper bowls as well as bigger feeders such as the 6-cup extra-large model.


- Slow Feeders

If your puppy or dog is a fast eater and you’d like to calm them down, think of purchasing a slow feeder. These products require them to work to get their food out instead of just scoffing it down in a jiffy. There are different levels of slow feeders, some more challenging than others, like this flower-shaped bowl!



- Elevated Feeders or Raised Dog Bowls

Bowls on a stand or within a storage station are called elevated feeders or raised dog bowls. The adjustable elevated double dog feeder,  particularly interesting for those with medical conditions like arthritis or swallowing issues, but also for the reasons mentioned above, like style, cleaning and dog size. It is even made to be durable, as it comes with three sizes of legs to grow with your dog; an award-winning design!



Finally, don’t forget licking mats. These enrichment feeders come in different colours and sizes and consist of a lick bowl with a surrounding mat, or flat mats with various designs. Your puppy will adore our licking mats that will help it grow!


You’re now ready to choose your favourite feeding bowl for puppies! Have fun shopping!