Best dog Christmas gifts

Top 10 Best Dog Christmas Gifts

Top 10 best dog Christmas gift

Christmas is a special time of the year to celebrate with family and loved ones. And there’s no better way to enjoy the season than with your favourite mutt by your side! To help you share the holiday cheer with your pet, we put together a list of our favourite dog Christmas gifts for you and your best friend. These are also great gift ideas for a pet lover and make great stocking stuffers!


Interactive dog slow feeder

Interactive Dog Slow Feeder

Give your dog a challenge while slowing down their eating with this flower-shaped 3-cup interactive slow feeder bowl. It features multiple barriers around food to encourage them to “hunt” for each bite. This replicates natural behaviour, as your mutt will need to use problem-solving skills to find their food.

Pet owners are often advised to use a slower feeder bowl to help their pets digest their food more easily and avoid bloating (see the benefits of slow feeder bowls).

Grey elevated dog feeder with stainless bowlsElevated Double Dog Feeder With Stainless Bowls

Elevated dog feeders have many benefits, including reducing potential posture and back problems, making food easier to swallow and reducing the risk of vomiting and choking, reducing speedy eating, better digestion, less mess, etc.

This elevated double dog feeder with stainless bowls has an adjustable height that will grow with your dog. Feeling fancier? This version with faux wooden legs will enhance any decor.

Totally Pooched 3-piece dog toy set

Huff’n Puff Two Balls and Stick Set

Made from flexible, durable, nontoxic thermoplastic rubber, Totally Pooched toys are designed to last. The 10″ x 2″ stick and 2.5″ balls 3-piece dog toy set is perfect for tough play, providing a healthy chewing challenge and increased interaction for your beloved pet.

Their holes allow for easy breathing for longer play. They also float, and allow the dog to breathe better when swimming!

Silicone dog waste bag holders

Silicone Dog Waste Bag Holder With Earth Rated Roll

The perfect stocking stuffer for dog lovers, our handy and sanitary poop bag holder has an integrated star-shaped slit allowing for easy removal of dog waste bags without any fumbling or mess. Made from 100% silicone, it features a clip that easily hooks onto your leash, keychain, belt loops or other items. Keep the outdoors clean while walking your messy mutt!

Dog travel water bottle with blue flip up bowl

Stainless Steel Dog Travel Water Bottle With Silicone Flip Up Bowl

Our award-winning stainless steel dog travel water bottle with silicone flip up bowl makes keeping pets hydrated on long walks or hikes a breeze!

Give your messy mutt a drink with the silicone bowl that folds over the stainless steel bottle. Unused water drains back into the bottle after use, and the bowl folds back over the bottle for easy portability.

Silicone therapeutic lick mats for dogs and cats

Silicone Therapeutic Dog Lick Mat

Our silicone therapeutic lick mat makes the fun last longer by encouraging your dog to lick the food in all the ridges. Its groove design will slow your dog’s intake while providing the therapeutic benefit of licking.

Perfect for delivering supplements, milk, broths or just plain peanut butter and yogurt while prolonging your pet’s enjoyment.

Set of 3 stainless steel dog bowls and silicone lids

Stainless Steel Dog Bowls and Silicone Lids

Make your or your dog lover friend’s life easier by prepping raw and dehydrated meals ahead of time with this 6-piece stainless steel bowl and silicone lid combo set.

Reduce cross contamination in your kitchen by preparing dog meals in the bowl they eat out of—and then put it in the dishwasher when they’re done. All bowls are compatible with Messy Mutts’ bowl holders.

Microfiber dog towel with hand pockets

Microfiber Ultra Soft Dog Towel With Hand Pockets

Pamper your pet with this high-grade, luxurious microfiber dog towel that will soak up to multiple times its weight in water. Super soft, this 100% plush microfiber towel provides the ideal material to help dry messy paws quickly—it creates an electrostatic charge with dirt particles which helps retain the mess.

Let your hands slip into the towel’s pockets to make drying your pup a whole lot easier!

Reversible silicone pet grooming glove

Reversible Silicone Grooming Glove

Groom, scrub and massage your beloved mutt with this reversible silicone grooming glove! The high-quality microfiber side is perfect for bath time. Add soap directly to create a lavish lather while scrubbing your mutt. Reverse the glove and massage out all of the mess with the super-soft silicone spikes that will gently pull away loose hair.

It can be used with or without water and soap, and is perfect for every travel kit or for everyday grooming, washing and paw wiping.

Pack of 2 silicone dog treat maker

Silicone Bake and Freeze Dog Treat Maker

Keep your mutt healthy and happy with our pack of 2 silicone bake and freeze dog treat makers! Made of high-quality food-grade silicone, they are designed for the preparation of baked or frozen treats. This Christmas season, treat your dog to healthy homemade treats. Making dog treats at home is fast, simple and easy on the wallet!

So there you have it! Our top 10 best dog Christmas gifts to help you pick out the perfect present. Whether you’re shopping for a pet-loving friend or yourself, these are great dog Christmas gifts for any dog parent out there. A Christmas gift is a great idea for any dog owner who wants to add a little extra holiday cheer into their pup’s life!