Husky with a durable squeak dog toy.  A squeaker that is not too annoying.

Why Does My Dog Like Squeaky Toys?

You’ve seen it happen! That funky little noise goes off unexpectedly and your dog starts wagging its tail and going all crazy for the toy that emitted the sound, trying to reproduce it again and again… But besides the fun side of squeaky toys, what actually makes your fur babies love these high-pitched playthings so much?

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

Let’s examine all the reasons dogs love these specific noisy games and what it brings to them to have them around!


  • The Squeak Activates Your Dog’s Hunting Instinct

It all boils down to animalistic instincts that are inherent to your pooch. That little squeak resembles the clamour of a scared or hurt animal, reminding your dog of its past life and DNA as a wolf finding its prey. They may be domesticated and have no need to scavenge to get their food, but dogs are still hunters and they need to play out that part of their being now and then.


  • The Squeak Gives Instant Feedback and Reward

Squeaky toys provide instant gratification to the dog when it presses down on a toy and hears it squeak. It’s like an immediate congratulations for their actions! It’s not only mental stimulation, but it’s also pleasure and gratification that satisfies them, because their brains are wired to love catching prey. The noise emanating from the toy signals their brain that their bite is strong and effective, so to keep doing what they are doing, as it seems to be working.


  • Chewing on Squeaky Toys Improves Dental Health

Another reason why dogs like squeaky toys is because they have a natural urge to chew and bite. They don’t know why, it’s just like that… But if they do so in a house setting, they may get scolded for eating something they’re not supposed to. The toys that you give them are free range to bite down on and enjoy, letting animal instincts lead the way during your pooch’s playtime, safe of any admonishment. 

Why do your pets need to do so often? Partly because it helps them maintain their gum and teeth in good health, which they do without even realizing it. The action of biting down is stimulation for the gums and jaw and a massage for their precious tissue. 

All these reasons to give your baby squeaky toys should have convinced you to buy some new ones or endure the favourites that are lying around but driving you a little crazy now that you know how beneficial they are to your dog!


Best Squeaky Toys for Your Dog

We know what your mutts love and we’ve created some of the best squeaky dog toys to keep them busy, happy and entertained while giving them all the health benefits and instinctive conditioning they need.

Here are some of them:

    • The Totally Pooched Toss'n Hourglass Dog Toy is one of the best squeaky toys for small dogs, and even with its soft texture, it enables tough play and exciting interaction that will last a long, long time. Its knobs help clean your baby’s teeth with every chew!


    • The Totally Pooched Chew n' Squeak Stick bounces like a charm and is a perfect shape to be thrown around during a good game of fetch with your animal. One of its top features is that if floats, so you can bring it to the beach or the cottage without worry.


Have fun and keep’em squeaking!